Ancient Olympia Hosts Oleocanthal Society Conference June 2-3

Ελληνικασυνεδριο-ελαιοκανθαλης-στην-ολυμπια/ The OIS (Oleocanthal International Society) is holding its 3rd International conference on 2-3 June 2016 in the city of ancient Olympia. Some of the brightest minds in olive oil research, diet, gastronomy, and journalism will be there to present the latest discoveries and news. The OIS conference will take place in the International Olympic committee hall which holds only 450 people so everyone is advised to book early to ensure seats and hotel rooms. Entrance is free and is on a first come first serve basis but you must pre-register to participate. Registration details the end of this article.

The inaugural OIS conference was held in 2015 in Zakynthos and the second conference in Ubeda Spain. This years’ location of the conference has added significance due to 2016 being an Olympic year. Ancient Olympia is very symbolic and inspiring location where some of the latest olive oil research. health and gastronomy will be revealed. This conference will also mark the start of innovative olive oil competitions that award the most health protective and health promoting olive oils in the world. The international scientific community continues to confirm the additional health benefits of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil. Oleocanthal is fast becoming the rising star of olive oil phenolic compounds and is attracting immense interest for the prevention or treatment of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, skin diseases, and many more.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, University of Athens
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, University of Athens

The early harvest high phenolic olive oil was highly valued by the ancient Hellenic culture especially in the city of Olympia during the ancient Olympic games. Today olive oil producers are competing for the first time in 2,500 years for the honour of being declared the healthiest olive oil in the world. The Oleocanthal competition sponsored by OIS will award the top prize to the olive oil that has been found to contain the highest amount of Oleocanthal. If there is an olive oil with at least 1000mg of oleocanthal per kg it will be bought for €15 per kg in bulk. They have committed to buying 1000 kg. at €15 per kg! Awards will be given to High phenolic olive oils based on their total phenolic content together with the Kalamata IOC approved olive oil taste laboratory.

Gastronomy will be a major focus of the conference. Oleocanthal has a unique taste profile and requires very specific handling to create mouth watering recipes that maintain the superior health benefits of consuming oleocanthal rich extra virgin olive oil.


  • Dan Flynn, University of California, Davis – Olive center
  • Eric Tangalos, Professor, Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Amal Kaddoumi, Professor, University of Louisiana, USA
  • Stefanos Kales, Professor, Harvard, School of Public health
  • Li Li Ji, Professor, University of Minnesota
  • Douglas Mashek, Professor, Department of Food chemistry University of Minnesota
  • Feliciano Priego-Capote, Associate professor, University of Cordova, Spain
  • John Newman, UC Davis, USDA
  • Mary Flynn, Professor, Brown University
  • Mohamed, Bouaziz, Professor, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Sakis Gertsis, Professor, American farm school, Director- Olive Center.
  • Jose Antonio Amerigo, Doctor, Malaga, Spain (President of OIS)
  • Prokopios Magiatis, Associate Professor, University of Athens
  • Eleni Melliou, University of Athens

Join us for the special once in a lifetime event at ancient Olympia and help us make it a yearly event to showcase the healthiest olive oils, their health benefits, and their unique gastronomic characteristics.

To register please contact:  Athan Gadanidis

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