Aristoleo™ Test KIt

Aristoleo™ Test Kit

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Aristoleo™ test kit is a game changer for the olive oil industry. Now we have the ability to discover the best and most health promoting olive oils at the point of production. No more guessing or waiting days or weeks for lab results. Aristoleo needs your help. Donate today and be part of the change.

Dr. Eleni Melliou
Dr. Eleni Melliou one of the inventors of the Aristoleo™ Test Kit

Aristoleo™ test kit is a new invention (patent pending) discovered by Dr. Magiatis and Dr. Melliou at the University of Athens; it is in fact a laboratory in a vial. It is the first and only handheld device in the world that can measure the health benefits and medicinal value of olive oil in minutes. Aristoleo test kit was recently named one of the top ten finalists for the annual Euro Bank innovation award here in Greece. Unfortunately the announcement of the winner has been postponed due to the economic crisis which led to the banks being closed in Greece recently.

Over the last 2 years, I have written numerous articles about the olive oil industry in Greece. It is not a pleasant story it is a story of failure. It is the failure of modern Greece to continue on the path of leadership we inherited from our Hellenic ancestors by successfully marketing our high quality extra virgin olive oil to the world. Despite economic mismanagement, political ineptitude, foreign interventions and under severe economic duress, Greek olive growers across this great land continue to produce some of the best and healthiest quality of extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Pteleos, Greece
Pteleos, Greece

Using Aristoleo™ test kit olive growers, olive mills and olive oil companies can now analyze every batch of olive oil every day in every mill. Olive oil can then be separated based on its health benefits and medicinal value. The health benefits of high phenolic olive oil continue to be scientifically confirmed: helps prevent Alzheimer’s, and increases cognition, reduces cancer risk, prevents heart disease, kills cancer cells, lowers blood sugar, good for the pancreas, slows down the built up of lactic acid in the muscles, and many more nutritional and medicinal uses are being investigated as I speak.
Aristoleo™ test kit can also be used in a laboratory setting to quickly and accurately measure the amount of oleocanthal and oleacein in olive oil samples.

The solution for the economic crisis in Greece is right here where it all began under this ancient olive tree. This is when olive oil acquired its place in Hellenic cultural history and became a nutritional and cultural phenomenon. Ancient Hellenic doctors like Dioscoredes insisted that medicinal quality olive oil can only be produced from unripened green olives.
This type of olive oil sells for a higher price for a good reason. Unripened olives made from non-irrigated olive trees produce less olive oil.

Marilyn Harding
Marilyn Harding standing in the center of an ancient olive tree in Aigina Island, Greece.

With the discovery in 2012 at the University of Athens of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance method to accurately measure individual phenolic compounds a new category of extra virgin olive oil was born. High phenolic olive oil has been scientifically proven to be the most health promoting. But a more portable method was needed so the phenolic compounds could be measured in the field at the point of production quickly and at a small cost. This is when Artemis Alliance Inc. entered into the picture to finance additional research at the University of Athens. This Canadian corporation took its name from Artemis an ancient Greek goddess a huntress and a protector of virgins. Today Artemis is in the service of protecting high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Artemis protector of high quality EVOO
Artemis protector of high quality EVOO

Aristoleo is now asking for your help to expand their manufacturing capability in order to meet demand for the upcoming harvest season, and apply for more patents in order to protect the intellectual rights. Most importantly we need you to tell everyone you know about this exciting new invention, and the health benefits of high phenolic olive oil. Aristoleo™ test kit is set to make a big impact and ensure the olive oil you purchase has the same health promoting properties you paid for.
All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Make a real difference today and contribute to the promotion of quality extra virgin olive oil. Donate today and receive a sample bottle of high phenolic olive oil as our gift to your health. Taste the difference. See our reward program for more details.
50% of the Aristoleo™ profits will be given to the University of Athens and Dr. Magiatis team so they can continue their research and innovation activities.

The production of high quality food supply is in fact our best medicine.
Let’s start with High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”

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