Olive oil fraud

DEOLEO claims organoleptic analysis is unreliable

DEOLEO claims organoleptic analysis is unreliable. In a stunning turn of events DEOLEO the largest olive oil company in the world defended itself against charges of selling fraudulent and adulterated EVOO by charging that organoleptic analysis is subjective and non-repeatable.

Olive Oil Authenticity Testing Underway in UK

Laboratory Talk · Campden BRI. More articles on: International Olive Council IOC, olive oil fraud, olive oil quality, Rural Payments Agency (RPA), United Kingdom. North America: Conference Urges Olive Oil Merchants to Monitor their Supply Chain.
The truth is finally out! Wine tasters have ruled the olive oil tasting world for over a century. The question is why gauge the taste of olive oil as if it was a sipping wine? The world of gourmet chefs promoting the big brands, organoleptic schools and judges have proliferated to the point where everyone who enters gets a medal of some kind.  They have latched on the olive oil tasting craze like flies on a dead horse. Now that the prosecutors have started tasting the olive oils on the shelves suddenly the tables are turned. The dirty world of olive oil organoleptic analysis and award shows is suddenly revealed to be a charade and a fraud as well. Is there no honour among thieves? Ha!

Class Action Against Filippo Berio and Bertolli Importer Moves Forward

virginia. Furthermore, you are being told that such olive-oil savvies as the plaintiff should take no message from the price (the bottle here cost the consumer all of $6). More articles on: Bertolli, Deoleo, olive oil fraud, olive oil legal issues
Now that they are caught once again with their hands in the adulteration jar they quickly turn against one of the most established and successfull side shows of the olive oil industry; the olive oil competitions. These EVOO competitions have been used to market olive oils for over one hundred years now but no company had ever questioned their veracity until now. The counter charge by Deleo is almost going unnoticed. No one wants to touch it. I just did! Yikes it stinks!

Popular Italian Olive Oil Brands Accused Of Selling Fake Extra Virgin

Popular olive oil brands are under investigation for trying to pass off inferior olive oil for extra virgin, according to London’s Telegraph newspaper. The brands in question are all from Italy and include big names in the olive oil business like

Considering that “the tasting carried out by the Italian police is a sensory analysis, in which a group of experts appreciates just the smell and taste of olive oil,” the group concluded that “the checks commissioned by the Prosecutor and carried out both by the magazine “The Test” and subsequently by the “NAS”, are based exclusively on a tasting of the product,” and in substance, “these controls, even if carried out by professional tasters, are considered inappropriate for many aspects, as the method of analysis subjective, non-repeatable and non-reproducible.” DEOLEO representatives claim.

Olive Oil in France Rife with Deception and Fraud, Report Finds

Beedes. It is rife all over the world and the producers who engage in this fraudulant practoce should be exposed and put in prison. More articles on: France, olive oil fraud, olive oil labeling, olive oil quality. North America: …
Organoleptic analysis is an integral component of olive oil authenticity and verification for EVOOs. So why is DEOLEO now saying it is a subjective and unreliable method of analysis?
Could DEOLEO finally be telling the truth?
The fact is there are way too many awards for taste which have nothing to do with the healthfullness of EVOO. The time has come to merge the organoleptic tasting with scientific testing in order to find the truly best olive oils!
Perhaps an Aristoleo™ award competition is not far off…


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