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EVOO Awards Awaken the Competitive Spirit in Greece

It took a long time to write this article. I agonized over the structure and feel of the story and sought out as many different points of view as I could. In these days of economic crisis and media bashing of the modern Greek spirit I discovered exactly the opposite. A renewed strength and resilience and willingness to make the most out of the least. An ability to expand their knowledge base under difficult circumstances in order to maximize their potential for success. This is their story. A story of a reawakening of the Hellenic spirit of competition and glory. The winner of the Olympics was not given a wreath made of an olive twig by accident; it was by design. This was the first instance of branding and marketing of high quality olive oil and olive products. They sailed the seas trading olive oil and wine across the Mediterranean sea and beyond. The modern day traders travel on planes, trains and buses but they carry their precious legacy with them and they strive to win and win big! There is no second place there is not enough resources for second chances. The time is now for the Hellenic spirit of competition to rise once again. We will not surrender, we will not submit, we will be victorious in taking our precious cargo to the gold olive leaf podium of global success. This is their message these are their stories:

EVOO Awards Stir Competitive Spirit in Greece

“In conclusion, there is a positive consensus emerging following the NYIOOC, on the value of submitting Greek olive oil brands to organoleptic competitions along with collaborative marketing campaigns. Despite the bleak economic outlook for Greece these days, the future looks bright for those who are prepared to strive for quality. All indicators are pointing to a reawakened competitive spirit in Greece under the canopy of their ancient cultural identity; the olive tree.”

when the ancient Hellenes slept what did they dream?
To sleep is to dream and to dream is to invent and to invent is to evolve

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