Hellenic Olive Oil

The Hellenic Olive Oil Odyssey

The great Hellenic olive oil Odyssey has commenced. The Hellenic Republic is coming out of a long and protracted loss of direction and disarray. The crippling economic crisis has forced the modern Hellenes to look deeply into their ancient roots for inspiration. The Hellenic Olive oil industry big, small and independents are beginning to dig deep into their innate strength, creativity, and cultural inheritance. They are embarking on the long Odyssey to reclaim their rightful place at the top of the Olive oil marketing leader board. Long ago our ancestors gave us the greatest marketing campaign in the history of olive oil marketing. The crowning of the victorious Olympian with a wreath made out of an olive branch was the crowning glory of their cultural identity. They brought the olive tree and its wisdom where ever they settled.

The Greek Olive oil Odyssey lecture by Dan Flynn of UC Davis from Athan Gadanidis on Vimeo.

They are once again taking a leadership role and leading the world in developing scientific methods to measure the healthfulness of olive oil. They are once again travelling abroad and sharing their knowledge and spreading their new found knowledge.

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An Olive Oil Odyssey at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Greek olive oil at the Winter Fancy Food Show made in impact this year through a seminar called “The Great Olive Oil Odyssey.” The event was organized by SEVITEL, the Greek association of olive oil processors and related industries.
Ms. Filio Myrtsidou one of the presenters is an energetic supporter of Greek olive oil branding who was also one of three female participants in the Routes of the Olive Tree in 2008 — a 52-day, 23,000 km motorcycle journey from ancient Messinia in the Peloponnese along the Silk Road to carry a symbolic “flame of peace” and a 4,000 year-old olive wreath to 14 countries, arriving in China for the 2008 Olympics.

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