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Ancient Olympia Hosts Oleocanthal Society Conference June 2-3

Ελληνικα http://bestoliveoil.ca/συνεδριο-ελαιοκανθαλης-στην-ολυμπια/ The OIS (Oleocanthal International Society) is holding its 3rd International conference on 2-3 June 2016 in the city of ancient Olympia. Some of the brightest minds in olive oil research, diet, gastronomy, and journalism will be there to present the latest discoveries and news. The OIS conference will take place in the International Olympic committee hall which holds only 450 people so everyone is advised to book early to ensure seats and hotel rooms. Entrance is free and is on a first come first serve basis but you must pre-register to participate. Registration details the end of this article.

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DEOLEO claims organoleptic analysis is unreliable

DEOLEO claims organoleptic analysis is unreliable. In a stunning turn of events DEOLEO the largest olive oil company in the world defended itself against charges of selling fraudulent and adulterated EVOO by charging that organoleptic analysis is subjective and non-repeatable.

Olive Oil Authenticity Testing Underway in UK

Laboratory Talk · Campden BRI. More articles on: International Olive Council IOC, olive oil fraud, olive oil quality, Rural Payments Agency (RPA), United Kingdom. North America: Conference Urges Olive Oil Merchants to Monitor their Supply Chain.
The truth is finally out! Wine tasters have ruled the olive oil tasting world for over a century. The question is why gauge the taste of olive oil as if it was a sipping wine? The world of gourmet chefs promoting the big brands, organoleptic schools and judges have proliferated to the point where everyone who enters gets a medal of some kind.  They have latched on the olive oil tasting craze like flies on a dead horse. Now that the prosecutors have started tasting the olive oils on the shelves suddenly the tables are turned. The dirty world of olive oil organoleptic analysis and award shows is suddenly revealed to be a charade and a fraud as well. Is there no honour among thieves? Ha!

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Greek Olive Growers Under Attack

The battle for the hearts and minds of the Greek olive oil culture is raging in modern Greece. The few Greek olive growers that are in a position to overcome the inherent problems of the Greek olive oil industry are succeeding. They use their own resources to update their operations, produce excellent high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, bottle and brand it themselves and sell directly to customers or retail outlets worldwide. The rest are left at the whim and fancy of the local olive oil barons who wish to Continue reading Greek Olive Growers Under Attack

Future of Greek Olive Oil

A wise man once said in order to see your future you have to be able to remember your past. What is the future of Greek olive oil? If we look back in history the future is easily known and very bright indeed. Modern Greece inherited a wealth of unestimable value. The high phenolic olive tree. Is it any coincidence over 98% of olive trees in Greece carry within them the highest levels of phenolic compounds found in olive oil which are scientifically proven to have high medicinal value?

Do the modern Greek politicians recognize this fact? NO!

Do they care? NO!

Do they remember their history? NO!

In fact they are trying to bury it. Politicians in concert with EFET (Hellenic Food Safety Agency) along with a few misguided scientists who apparently claim that olive oil is not a medicine it is a food and simply a part of the mediterranean diet.

They have managed to thwart the implementation of the EU health claim regulation 432/2012 spanning 3 Greek governments. Imagine if these individuals and state agencies put the same effort in uplifitng the Hellenic spirit instead of burying it.

Olive oil was considered medicinal by our ancient Hellenic ancestors. They traded this most valuable olive oil across the mediterranean. All evidence points to the fact that Ancient Hellenic culture was the first to recognize the medicinal and nutritional value of olive oil. More specifically they recognized the early harvest olive oil as the most medicinal. It was only 3 years ago they were proven to be so right.

NMR 600
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, University of Athens

Early harvest olives contain more phenolic compounds than mature olives. This was proven in 2012 when Dr. Magiatis and his team of researchers at the University of Athens discovered the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method of measuring individual phenolic compounds in olive oil.

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The Greek Olive Oil Farce

Why is it the country which literally invented olive oil and raised it to new cultural and nutritional heights 2,500 years ago is now struggling to market its olive oil abroad? This is the Greek Olive OIl Farce. Why is it the people who chose to honor their greatest athletes with an olive leaf wreath on their heads in order to promote the health and strength aspect of olive oil consumption no longer wish to do so? The EU health claim implementation is still mired in red tape and under the inlfuence of special interest groups and their delaying tactics. Shame on EFET (Hellenic Food Safety Agency).

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The Hellenic Olive Oil Odyssey

The great Hellenic olive oil Odyssey has commenced. The Hellenic Republic is coming out of a long and protracted loss of direction and disarray. The crippling economic crisis has forced the modern Hellenes to look deeply into their ancient roots for inspiration. The Hellenic Olive oil industry big, small and independents are beginning to dig deep into their innate strength, creativity, and cultural inheritance. They are embarking on the long Odyssey to reclaim their rightful place at the top of the Olive oil marketing leader board. Long ago our ancestors gave us the greatest marketing campaign in the history of olive oil marketing. The crowning of the victorious Olympian with a wreath made out of an olive branch was the crowning glory of their cultural identity. They brought the olive tree and its wisdom where ever they settled.

The Greek Olive oil Odyssey lecture by Dan Flynn of UC Davis from Athan Gadanidis on Vimeo.

They are once again taking a leadership role and leading the world in developing scientific methods to measure the healthfulness of olive oil. They are once again travelling abroad and sharing their knowledge and spreading their new found knowledge.

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An Olive Oil Odyssey at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Greek olive oil at the Winter Fancy Food Show made in impact this year through a seminar called “The Great Olive Oil Odyssey.” The event was organized by SEVITEL, the Greek association of olive oil processors and related industries.
Ms. Filio Myrtsidou one of the presenters is an energetic supporter of Greek olive oil branding who was also one of three female participants in the Routes of the Olive Tree in 2008 — a 52-day, 23,000 km motorcycle journey from ancient Messinia in the Peloponnese along the Silk Road to carry a symbolic “flame of peace” and a 4,000 year-old olive wreath to 14 countries, arriving in China for the 2008 Olympics.

The Greatest Olive Oil Marketing Campaign

Our ancient Hellenic culture gave us the ultimate marketing campaign for olives and olive oil. The crowning of a victorious Olympic athlete with a wreath made from wild olive twigs is the greatest olive oil marketing campaign in the history of advertising. Modern Greek politicians and their olive oil industry friends have taken this legacy of greatness and are selling it off in bulk. They need to show true leadership and use their power and influence to organize and uplift the olive oil sector in Greece and not only their narrow individual or regional interests. Too many times our ancient Hellenic culture is used in their marketing campaigns but not in their actions. They boast about our past Hellenic culture, but those in positions of power fail to exemplify it.

There is an ancient Hellenic maxim taken from one of Aesop’s tales “The Boastful Athlete.” In the fable, a proud athlete makes the claim that in the past he achieved a record-breaking long jump in competition on the island of Rhodes. A bystander challenges him to dispense with the boasting and simply repeat his record-breaking jump on the spot: “Here is Rhodes, lets see you jump here!” (ιδού η ρόδος, ιδού και το πήδημα!)

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