when the ancient Hellenes slept what did they dream?

The Greek Olive Oil Farce

Why is it the country which literally invented olive oil and raised it to new cultural and nutritional heights 2,500 years ago is now struggling to market its olive oil abroad? This is the Greek Olive OIl Farce. Why is it the people who chose to honor their greatest athletes with an olive leaf wreath on their heads in order to promote the health and strength aspect of olive oil consumption no longer wish to do so? The EU health claim implementation is still mired in red tape and under the inlfuence of special interest groups and their delaying tactics. Shame on EFET (Hellenic Food Safety Agency).

Why is it the people who were the most prolific traders of olive oil of all time can no longer market it themselves and they sell it instead in bulk to the Italians?

Why am I being so negative?

In order to prepare for victory you first need the courage to come face to face with defeat.

These questions are rarely being asked today. Why not?

Because the answers would expose the truth about the enslavement of modern Greece.

Because modern Greece has been under occupation for over 2,000 years.

Many look back to ancient times for comfort; “we were great once”

Many look back to ancient times for inspiration; “we were great then we can be great again”

Many look back to ancient times for knowledge; “what did they know and how did they think?”

Many look back to ancient times for strategy; “how would Themistocles defeat the modern barbarians hordes if he was alive today?”

Many positive articles are now appearing that seem to point to a positive change in the Greek olive oil industry.

Bloomberg claims the low prices of Greek olive oil makes it more competitive. Bloomberg’s focus is on price and not quality. Bloomberg does not ask: Why are you selling your highest quality olive oil for the lowest price? With a jazzie headline they scream: “Greece Gets Something Right!”
What a relief! Ha! Ha! Ha! Greece gets it right and falls to the bottom of the pricing pool of olive oil. They can now export more olive oil because of the price drop…
No marketing, no imagination, no creativity; here it is the lowest price! These are the geniuses of the Greek olive oil industry and their faithfull financial story tellers and writers who report on their “successes”…

Here is how Bloomberg ends the article:
The bottom line: Soaring prices for Italian and Spanish olive oil led to this year’s 28 percent increase in U.S. imports of Greek oil. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-20/greek-olive-oil-exports-boom-as-italy-spain-s-prices-soar

Why the soaring prices for Spanish and Italian olive oil? This is the question we need to answer. Bloomberg has forgotten the basic rules of economics. Prices rise when demand outstrips supply! The drop in prices for Greek olive oil means there is a drop in demand for it! Where the hell is the victory in  that? Let me make it real simple for the economic geniuses of Bloomberg: How is it beneficial to Greek olive oil to be associated with the lowest priced product on the market? Especially when Greek olive oil is proving to be the most healthy olive oil on the planet? How did Bloomberg get it so wrong this time? hmmm?

Study after study using Greek high phenolic olive oil containing high levels of oleocanthal may even be proven to have medicinal applications and may even be used to treat many cancers in the future! But the modern Greek bandits of the olive oil industry are selling it off at the lowest possible price and claiming victory.

Greece increasing market share as a low price alternative is a recipe for disaster! Greece gets it wrong once again is the real headline.

Time for the big boys to put their big boy boots on and get to work raising the price and the profile of the healthfulness of Greek Olive oil!

Some are doing exactly that! They are using the latest analytical tools like the Aristoleo™ Test Kit  and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) to discover and verify the health promoting phenolic compounds in Greek olive oil. They are reviving the path of excellence as set out by our Hellenic ancestors.

“Aristoleo™ Test Kit is a great tool that we use routinely for in house evaluation of high quality olive oil. Inexpensive, quick and reliable” commented Kostas Peimanidis of Agrovim the largest olive oil producer and exporter in Kalamata, Greece.

Agrovim olive oil
Kostas Peimanidis of Agrovim in a race to the top of the High Phenolic EVOO category.

High Phenolic EVOO is the positive answer for the Greek olive oil industry plight. Higher quality and much higher price this is Hellenic High Phenolic EVOO. It is here and it is growing this is the real story of the Olive oil industry in the Hellenic Republic. NOT low priced bulk olive oil sales…

Here is a list of the highest phenolic and finest quality of Hellenic EVOOs available today. They sell for a higher price for a good reason! http://aristoleo.com/catalog-of-high-phenolic-evoos/

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